For Khan Lu M the most important thing is to breed the puppies not only respecting their race standard but also protecting in the best way their health and psycho-physical conditions.

All our dogs are genetically tested and free from deseases like: PLL, prcd-PRA, patella.

So, all our dogs live at home and take active part in our everyday life that includes even many cats.The dogs do agility exercises regularly, so maintaining very good physical and mental conditions that allow them to be quite sociable both with other pets and human beings.

In order to give them all the best Khan Lu M is used to select puppy owners in a very restrictive way. Do you want to be the owner of one or more of our puppies ? If so, please inform us about your family, children, life-style, habits and reasons why you want to adopt a puppy.
We want only the best for our puppies and all required informations are useful for this purpose.

Thank you for your interest.

A dog is forever, and ..... as Totò said " Dogs are half angels and half children "