About me

Wellcome to Khan Lu M Kennel

I breeder only for love and passion because I'm a pharmacist.

We live in Italy, in a beautifull hystoric city - Perugia. So, all our dogs live at home and take active part in our everyday life that includes even many cats. The dogs do agility exercises regularly,so maintaining very good physical and mental conditions that allow them to be quite sociable both with other pets and human beings.
We move to our country house during the summer months and here they can run in their personal agility area too

The dogs and the babies are all socialized and activated by free long walk in country, agility and other activeties the find fun.


The breed healty it's more important for me. All our dogs are genetically tested and free from deseases like: PLL, prcd-PRA, patella.

I try to breeder correct chinese crested in accordance with the standard, and to have happy characther mentally firm. They are perfect life parteners and small crazy dog, always happy.



About me

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