Multi CH Ercolino (21.12.2000-27.08.2018) on memory

Ercolino (on memory)

Volpino Italiano

Multi CH Ercolino (21.12.2000-27.08.2018) on memory

I was born in a cold winter night, and I'm as white as the snow .... Luana and Mario wanted to name me "Snow Flake" but as sign of gratitude towards the Ortensi's family, they decided to keep the name "Ercolino".....

Mario really wanted me to become a member of the family since the first time he saw me, and so I did. They spoked about me for an entire week, until Luana finally gave up ... and for me Mario has been always my number one.
Once, when I was a baby, I fell into an outdoors fish tank in the countryside  trying to run after him. I was only 3 months old and it was winter time!

I gave a lot to this family, and I received a lot of love back from both humans and animals.... I was the first one to enter this big family ... after me cats and chinese crested dogs arrived, but I'm still their number one !!!!

Ercolino passed away one summer afternoon, leaving a big gap inside us. You left this world with dignity, the same way you lived your long life ... we'll never forget you. You will always be in our hearts and memories.

Run together with your best friend Cochise in heaven now.