Multi CH Poarott Femme Fatale

Poarott Femme Fatale

Chinese Crested Dog variety Powder Puff

Multi CH Poarott Femme Fatale

My pedigree

Like my "brother" Alino, I also come from far away .... from Handlova, Slovakia, Poarott Kennel.

My mum was looking for a chinese crested HL, but she fell in love with me instead and I made sure she wouldn't regret it !

I became a great Champion, one of most beautiful Puff in Europe, appreciated by many judges and breed specialists. I won a lot, but the best victory was giving birth to seven starts ...

Me and Belshaw's Royal Bain de Champagne had seven beautiful puppies, who soon became Champions like their mummy and daddy.



Official Canine patella luxation certificate
DNA test : PLL: genotype N/N frei - prcd-PRA:genotype N/N frei

Deposited with E.N.C.I.  DNA